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Selecting a professional cleaner for Medical and Dental Offices

Cleaning medical facilities are held to a higher standard than cleaning regular office space.  For example, a medical office is more prone to the presence of germs and bacteria, and this is why it is of utmost importance that medical facilities are cleaned more often than regular commercial facilities.  Not only that, it has to be cleaned in a more standardized and precise manner.

How to select the best Medical Cleaning Company?

When selecting a medical cleaning service, do not make the mistake of choosing just any commercial cleaning company. In order to have your medical office properly cleaned, you need to engage a service that has experience in the medical field.

The service should employ cleaners that have been properly trained and are well versed with the procedures for cleaning a medical environment. For example, you should ask if they have undergone any training and have the certification to prove it (like Bloodborne Pathogen).  A proper cleaning service will make sure that its employees are properly trained and up to date on these requirements. They will also be familiar with the requirements of biohazard waste and to avoid risky situations surrounding care and disposal (needles, etc).

More often than not there are specific codes and regulations to be followed and it is not uncommon for medical facilities to undergo periodic inspections, either from a state or federal agencies or from an internal corporate department.  The cost of having to remediate a failed inspection can be substantial, not to mention the reputational damage to the institution and the management team.

When selecting your cleaning service provider probe them on these topics.  Ask them for their experience with facilities similar to yours. Do not hesitate to ask them for a reference so that you can ask one of your peers about their experience with the cleaning provider in question.

Selecting the proper medical cleaning service is an essential part of managing your facility, just as important as your medical staff and your patients.  By maintaining and properly cleaned environment, you will keep the well being of your staff and patients in mind.

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